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Has Corey Feldman been playing shortstop for the Sharks?
This is what happens when you stop playing for the Sharks.
You can trouble me for a warm glass of SHUT-THE-HELL-UP!
The Bendzicks - Business in the front. Party in the back. Yeah Yeah! Yeah Yeah!
Donnie Sharko
Enough said.
The Sharks don't discriminate against Amish baseball players.
Parlin on an off-night.
Scott Boettcher hits the ball.
Brian Parlin (front) and Mike White (background) are ready on defense.
Ben Heydt pitches as Brandon Howard looks on.
Jade Boettcher gets ready to pitch as a runner takes off.
Dustin Looman bats as Scott Boettcher takes a lead.
(L - R) Brian Parlin, Mike White, David Romsa, Marshall Mullenbach, and Brandon Howard congregate around the mound as Andy Johnson signals for a relief pitcher.
Isaac Johnson gets ready to hit a pitch.
Marshall Mullenbach prepares to catch a pitch.
Mike White takes off for first after he hits the ball.
Tim Neuman sticks out his tongue as he runs towards the ball.
Front row - left to right
Tom Jeznach, Chris Prescott, Isaac Johnson, Ben Heydt, Brian Parlin, Chad Kalstabakken, Scott Boettcher
Back row
Gavin Hofer, Brian English, Dustin Looman, Jake Morlock, Manager Andy Johnson, Marshall Mullenbach, Jade Boettcher
Gavin Hofer takes a cut.
Dustin Looman trys to hold his swing.
Front row - left to right
Brady DeBoer, Chris Prescott, Chad Kalstabakken, Tim Neuman, Isaac Johnson, Gavin Hofer
Back row
Tom Jeznach, Van Beach, Brian English, Todd Garnatz, Marshall Mullenbach, Matt Gordon, Jade Boettcher, Manager Scott Boettcher
Isaac Johnson hits the ball.
Todd Garnatz looks in for the sign.
Pitcher Matt Gordon talks it over with catcher Brady DeBoer.
Scott Boettcher waits for the pitch as Manager Andy Johnson looks on.
Marshall Mullenbach crosses home plate.
(Compliments of Madelyn Betcher)
Back row - left to right
Manager Marvin Betcher, Coach Al Winkels, unidentified, Gordon Betcher, Norman Betcher, Gary Aswegan, Roger Jahns, Howard Bushman, Cliff Gullickson, Harold Mulhern
Front row
Dean Hamlin, Ray Thompson, Maynard Howe, Tom Smith, Paul Girton, Don Quandt, Harold Kidd
Bat boys
David Nelson and Richard Rud
(Compliments of Madelyn Betcher)
Left to right
Ray Thompson, Norman Betcher, Marvin Betcher, Gordon Betcher
(From "The Stewartville Story")
Front row - left to right
Manager Alois Kuhle, Bill McCall, Shield, Eno
Second row
Harris, Nicholas, Jim McCall, Beise, Schroeder, Howe
Third row
Green, Barrows, Beatty, Coach Rice